Bridging Local Roots with Global Reach

At Atrix10, we’re not just another IT service provider. We’re your neighbours, your partners, and your fellow community members in the Guelph and Southern Ontario region. While our expertise spans the globe, with offices stretching from the Greater Toronto Area to South Africa, our heart remains local.

Our journey began with a simple yet ambitious goal: to transform and simplify IT, making it more effective, reliable, and accessible for businesses of all sizes. We understood the diverse needs of local businesses, and we aimed to meet these needs by leveraging international expertise, ensuring that no organization was too small or too large to benefit from our offering

Our deep commitment to innovation drives us to constantly push boundaries. We believe in setting high standards—be it in the quality of our work, the integrity of our interactions, or the excellence of our service delivery. By valuing collaboration and agility, we’ve crafted solutions tailored for the rapid pace of today’s digital age, all while staying rooted in our core values of respect and social responsibility.

The Faces Behind Atrix10’s Success

Mayur Nanlal, Chief Executive Officer, Atrix10

Mayur Nanalal

Chief Executive Officer

A visionary with over 25 years of leadership prowess, Mayur crafts and spearheads Atrix10’s strategic directions. His expertise lies in carving business strategies, ensuring compliance, and cementing client relationships. His drive and passion play a pivotal role in Atrix10’s continued success and client satisfaction

André Möller, Chief Technology Officer, Atrix10

André Möller

Chief Technology Officer

As the technological heartbeat of Atrix10, André leads with innovation. With over 25 years in the field, he’s been instrumental in streamlining our technological frameworks, integrating cutting-edge solutions, and mentoring a dynamic IT team that pushes the envelope in IT solutions.

Jim Winterbottom, Sales Specialist, Atrix10

Jim Winterbottom

Sales Specialist

A seasoned Sales Specialist from Guelph, Ontario, Canada, brings over 12 years of expertise in enterprise-level software sales. Currently, with Atrix10, he drives client consultations and fosters B2B partnerships in managed IT services.  Jim’s proficiency, coupled with strong presentation and negotiation skills, positions him as a valuable asset to the technology sector, with a particular emphasis on the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. His career journey reflects a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements and delivering excellence in sales strategies.

Shae Kewin, Business Development, Atrix10

Shea Kewin

Business Development

Shea brings a technology background that resonates with business owners, as a successful two time founder himself.   With a passion for all things technology, sports and science – Shea enjoys staying on the leading edge of market dynamics that can pinpoint competitive advantages for businesses within a wide breadth of scope and size. 

Peter Mayer, IT Director (SA), Atrix10

Peter Mayer

IT Director (SA)

As the Technical Director, Peter Mayer is seasoned with a proven track record in Performance Management, Databases, and IT Strategy. Renowned for his technical mastery, Peter excels as a visionary Solution Architect, translating complex requirements into innovative solutions. His leadership roles at Quest Software, Dell, and African Bank underscore his ability to deliver results and ensure stability. In his current position, Peter continues to drive innovation, shaping the company’s technical vision.

Rassie Jacobs, General Manager (SA), Atrix10

Rassie Jacobs

General Manager (SA)

A seasoned General Manager with a global outlook, has significantly influenced the technology landscape. Having navigated pivotal roles with industry giants including HP, EMC, Dell, Hitachi Data Systems, and OpenText, Rassie boasts extensive expertise in leading sales teams to surpass targets worldwide since 2000. His adaptable leadership encompasses proficiency in data management, governance, and compliance solutions. In his current role as General Manager, Rassie spearheads the global implementation and management of our solutions, contributing to advancements in cybersecurity, data management, and cloud strategies.

Why Choose Atrix10? Our Commitment Speaks Volumes

In the vast landscape of IT solutions, Atrix10 stands tall, not just because of our comprehensive service offerings, but due to our unwavering commitment to our clients. We take pride in our international reach, but our mainstay has always been local businesses. We understand the nuances and unique challenges faced by businesses in Guelph and surrounding areas.

Our collaborations with industry giants like Microsoft, AWS, and Dell, combined with our nimble approach, allows us to deliver unparalleled IT services that drive growth, productivity, and innovation for our clients. We’ve made it our mission to deliver not just services, but transformative IT experiences that empower businesses in our community.

Moreover, we don’t just work for the community; we work with the community. Guelph and its surrounding areas aren’t just locations on a map for us. They’re home. This is where we’ve grown, evolved, and thrived. Our commitment to making a positive societal impact, especially in our local regions, is unwavering.

Join Our IT Revolution

Ready to experience a difference in IT solutions? Join hands with Atrix10. Let’s craft a digital future that empowers your business, values your unique needs, and ensures that you stay ahead of the curve. From Guelph to the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, our expertise is your competitive advantage.